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For over ten  years, BrightGiants Ltd  has been creating association success stories with associations around the world. We’re experts in helping associations reach their true potential by strategically building awareness, loyalty and satisfaction among current and potential members, as well as stakeholders. We harness the power of your community, strengthening your association’s brand through unforgettable experiences – fostering change, inspiring members, educating, and improving your association’s business performance. If your association depends on delivering successful outcomes, it’s time to move forward with BrightGiants Ltd



If you are responsible for a trade or professional association, society or membership body, we have all the back-up you need to deliver a streamlined service. Our dedicated team creates tailored packages enabling you to flex our resources as and when you need them. We ensure you remain cost-effective and efficient for your members. With operational matters taken care of, you have time to focus on strategy and moving your organisation forward.

Beyond outsourcing, you can also count on us for trusted business advice. We’ve been providing best practice guidance to clients just like you for more than 20 years.

Our services include:

  • Building an Association
  • Event Management
  • Membership Software
  • GDPR and cyber-security
  • Membership Management
  • Membership Lifecycle Management
  • Website and Database Services
  • Social Media Mapping

BrightGiants Ltd offers a unique outsourced service for associations, non profit and professional bodies that addresses ‘relevance through thought leadership reengineering and engagement, through strategic marketing, technology and innovation’. One of the greatest benefits we offer you as a successful association management company is experience. Through our extensive client relationships, BrightGiants Ltd has cultivated a wealth of proven practices and standards, which we apply and customize for a wide range of situations and solutions. This approach allows us to meet your current needs, while providing you with the time and flexibility to focus on developing new and expanded programs.


At BrightGiants Ltd we’re passionate about delivering superior, world-class conferences. We believe that every individual congress experience counts. That’s why we proactively manage your conference from start to finish. With all the logistical, financial and creative focus you need, we can cost effectively manage and coordinate your conference with outstanding service and passion. Trust your congress with the experts.



Passion & Expertise

At BrightGiants , we’re passionate about delivering superior, world-class conferences. This is what we have been doing for the past five decades and our experience is unparalleled.

Provider of Choice

We strive for continued investment in new technology and expert team of professionals that have made BrightGiants the provider of choice for clients around the globe. BrightGiants is your partner and advisor for the entire life-cycle of your congress to ensure that your event meets its objectives, and is both profitable and memorable. See below what we can do for you.


Location, Location, Location

The location of your conference is one of the most important decisions you will make in the planning process. With a global presence in 19 locations, BrightGiants will help you determine the location and venue that best suits your organisation’s needs.

Onsite Delivery & Excellence

Once you are there, our local expertise and professional staff will manage each and every detail to perfection, as on-site is where BrightGiants shines.


Pioneer with Technology

A pioneer in innovative technology solutions, BrightGiants anticipates the next big thing and delivers it to your event. Our objective is clear – to enhance the participant experience.

Solutions to Surpass Your Needs

BrightGiants solutions include – dedicated congress websites, intuitive online registration and abstract submission, with pre-paid and self-service registration stations on-site. Participants also benefit from state-of-the-art e-posters, virtual events, live social media, tailored mobile apps and more.


Give Your Brand a Voice

A picture is worth a thousand words and a brand speaks longer and louder. BrightGiants in-house marketing experts will build a strategic brand and develop a design that will be instantly recognisable to your target audience.

Ahead with Research

Our accumulated database and research services will bring the targeted audience to your event using the most up-to-date advertising strategies, including social media and other cutting-edge online technologies.


The Right Connections for the Right Sponsorship

With over 50 years of experience, BrightGiants has developed long-term relationships with major sponsors and exhibitors in a variety of industries. BrightGiants is a true innovator in sponsorship sales, with a proven track record of increasing revenue from sponsorship sales and bringing the right sponsors to your event. We skilfully analyse potential sponsor revenue and pricing, making your sponsors and exhibitors a full-fledged partner at your event. BrightGiants manages grant-related fundraising to further support the bottom line of your event.

Plan for the Correct Dimensions

When it comes to planning, building and managing the exhibition at your event, Kenes is second to none. We skillfully handle the logistics from the floor plan design and optimisation, down to the very last detail. Kenes-managed exhibitions are led by a team of in-house professionals who know their business best.


Transparent & Accountable

Transparency and accountability – two words that define the BrightGiants philosophy, primarily in the area of financial management. We work together with our clients to maximise profitability while keeping costs low and staying within budget, without sacrificing service or quality.

Purchasing Power

At BrightGiants, we pride ourselves on our global purchasing power, a result of our experience and expertise in virtually any location in the world. We have relationships with a wealth of reliable global suppliers and subcontractors to deliver the best possible services at the lowest possible price.

BrightGiants Ltd has a proud heritage of delivery outstanding conferences for our association clients. Our delivery of leading software and services companies to the Association of Associations World Congresses for three years running. Complete project management and sponsorship delivery   for the inaugural Africa Associations Congress,  included coordination and implementation of the official event technology / app for our association client events.



BrightGiants delivers best in class digital solutions including websites that focuses and delivers membership solutions  for Associations and Professional bodies. Our recent successes with and showcase our abilities to deliver fully integrated web based solutions for our clients.  BrightGiants  specializes in delivering a suite of digital solutions across web, mobile, tablet and TV, innovating with new technologies and emerging platforms. We help drive new products, propositions and multichannel communications for our association, professional body and commercial member based clients.

The unique blend of our expertise and experience across the world of digital, branding and marketing enables us to create products, solutions and campaigns which truly transform brands and organisations – opening up new possibilities, inspiring audiences and attracting customers….your website is our canvass

Web design is the core executional heartland of what we do. It’s the conception, design and build of a range of digital platforms, websites and web applications for both consumer and business focused needs.


  • Websites
  • Web Applications
  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Facebook Applications
  • Campaign Platforms
  • Native Sales Presenters



Need a website for your business? We help you convert your idea of mere ink on paper to a web design by our best designers.


We use several technologies to develop reliable web applications including: Laravel, Codeigniter, WordPress, Vue Js, and Angularjs.


We build native and cross-platform mobile applications. We use several technologies to develop mobile applications including: Andriod, IOS, Ionic, Xamrine and Titanium Appcelerator.


we exclusively tailor your brand identity to your positioning and make sure it is consistent and has adaptability across all the mediums and we can draw and move your animated ads.


We believe that social media contests are an amazing way to generate the link between you and your new followers We increase followers by spending time each day using the best hashtags We also share and interact with potential buyers on social media.


Your digital marketing strategy will likely comprise various digital marketing channels. Because your business is unique, you won’t market yourself like anyone else and that’s why we don’t offer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.


We put the understanding of your customer at the heart of our process, ensuring we create truly user centric experiences that connect with them.

This customer-first philosophy is embedded within our own creative process and is a core part of the collaborative programs of work we take our clients through. The solutions we create are based on the fine balance of customer need with business goals resulting in experiences that attract, engage and compel customers to do something. BrightGiants  goal is to help increase your business performance, whether that’s an increase in customer sales, customer data or on-site engagement. The guiding principle is to create solutions that encourage your customers to act, to return and to build a lasting relationship with you.

Our strategically driven design process begins with the breaking down of silos within your business ensuring we build a picture of the entire customer experience – beyond the screen interaction, analysing both physical and digital touchpoints – giving us that 360 view from which to base our thinking on.

Through a combination of your own audience insight, our research and our expertise, we form the core of the customer experience strategy that shapes the subsequent creative and UX design phase. Using a blend of strategic insight, journey mapping, rapid prototyping, user testing and iterative design we bring products to life through a finely tuned process.

Programs of work include:

  • Audience Research
  • User Behavioural Research
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Interactive Prototyping
  • User Testing


It expresses who you are at a brand level, it drives connections with your customers and community and it builds visibility and authority in the world of search engines.

Through our digital transformation programmes we help clients evaluate and plan new content strategies to better connect with audiences and customers. We look to evaluate your content, production, provide direction, train your teams and implement systems to give you the power you need.

At a brand level it is the creation of new and more compelling content to drive connections with your brand and products. At a process level it is ensuring you are prepared and equipped to communicate with your audiences as well as creating detailed content plans and processes to author new content, as well as migrate existing content, for new sites. And last but certainly not least – at a search level, working with our search and UX teams to plan page content and structures to drive page visibility and authority.

Outputs include:

  • Content Strategy
  • Copy Direction and Writing
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Illustration and Infographics
  • Search Optimisation Direction
  • Content Production Management
  • Content Migration

Trusted Partners

BrightGiants  has dynamic ongoing  global  software  license agreements  with Higher Logic and Cardskipper. These strategic partnerships allow BrightGiants team  to continue to evolve and deliver cutting edge, world class technology and business solutions for our clients. Over the past 25 years our staff have delivered projects that range from publishing 100 years of  Chevrolet to launching the inaugural Africa Associations Congress.

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